Premium Ice Melt Solutions

Our ice melting products are 99.9% pure, upcycled sodium chloride and are scientifically engineered to meet different market demands. The manufacturing process allows us to make a homogenous - not coated or blended - product that is uniformly infused with calcium and magnesium and manufactured for consistent size and uniformity. Our products are unlike any other ice melter on the market, and our customers are raving about the quality and effectiveness. We carry 2 brands of ice melt solution for our custmers to choose from, Icinator Premium Ice Melter and Green Earth Safety Salt.

Dry Pretreatment

Never before has an ice melt been used as a dry pre-treatment. Beat the storm and increase productivity with our Premium Ice Melt products.


Our formula is proven to be gentle on concrete surfaces and vegetation

99.9% Pure

ICINATOR is one of a kind in that it doesn't contain fillers like shale, sand or gravel.

Long Lasting

The effects of our salt are long lasting, reducing re-spreading.

More Coverage

Icinator gives 20-30% more coverage than traditional products.

Variety of Sizes

Available in bulk, 50lb, 25lb & 10lb bags. Other sizes available depending on products.